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Peek Human, Keep Human:[   ]


云云 Yun Collective向宇宙發出募集的訊號,在交友軟體/社群平台上募來了九位玩家。作為「人模人樣」的第二部曲,如此渴望連結的我們,會如何看待與呈現線上平台上的自己與他人?透過觀看鏡子裡的自己、自由書寫、舞蹈與繪畫等三個練習,云云與九位玩家更進一步的探討自我形象與交友的連結......


這場演出/實驗,從線上配對成功那一刻就開始了。每一步來回都像在打一場球賽。這個攻防有默契嗎?試探、進退、殺球,然後搶救。線上的直播,疊著現場的互動,激起的漣漪震盪了這個宇宙。《人模人樣:練習場》Peek Human, Keep Human:[   ] 是一道貫穿生活的習題,沒有上戲、也不會下戲。

註:《人模人樣:練習場 Peek Human, Keep Human:[  ]》 獲選 「2022 北藝中心-星際劇場」

If the various faces we present in the social world are the various manifestations of our 'selves', then how do we truly know someone in such a one-sided yet diverse network? What do we 'look like' in such a world? To solve the mystery, Yun Collective called out to the universe and recruited 9 players on dating apps and social platforms.


This performance/experiment started from the moment any matches were successfully matched online. Every step back and forth was like playing a ball game. The online broadcast, overlaid with live interaction at the scene, radiates the artists’ and the participants’ universe.


It is an endless practice that everyone has to constantly confront.


*Officially selected as ’2022 Star Theatre’ and sponsored by Taipei Performing Arts Centre.


​臺北國際藝術村 Sep-Oct. 2022

Setting Design

臺中群島「寶石藝術節」Dec. 2022​
南村劇場 Nov. 2021
臺北藝穗節 Aug.-Sep. 2020


Assembly Festival, Edinburgh, UK. Aug. 2021
Brighton Fringe Festival,
 UK. May-Jun. 2021


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