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This is Not a solo dance

Since 2019






This performative drawing work is inspired by Chinese calligraphy.


'女', the Chinese word for woman, contains three strokes. It has to be written in the set order, as women are expected to perform in certain patterns. The performer embodied the writing and transformed it into dancing. Through the repetitive movements, dissecting and reforming the word, she undergoes a negotiation between the outside world and herself.


​南村劇場 Nov. 2021
臺北藝穗節 Aug.-Sep. 2020 榮獲「其他中的其他」
​倫敦排練+階段性呈現 Nov. 2019

photographer(由上而下):Yaqing Yang / Kyle Chang / Vera & Wen


臺中群島「寶石藝術節」Dec. 2022​
南村劇場 Nov. 2021
臺北藝穗節 Aug.-Sep. 2020